The Heart of Princess Osra

by Daniel Wisehart

"The Heart of Princess Osra" is a collection of nine short stories or adventures set in the early 1700's.  It is a fanciful time of castles and kings and princes wandering the countryside.  Though courting and marriage between courts are matters of empires and of ambassadors, Princess Osra is too proud and too beautiful to be the pawn of an arranged agreement between kingdoms.  Though her father, King Henry, and later her brother, King Rudolf, go to great lengths to find a worthy suitor, it seems that no one can catch and hold the fancy of Princess Osra.

  "When Prince Ludwig came next day to see her and told her with grave courtesy that his pleasure lay in doing her will, she broke out:

  'I had rather it lay in watching my face,' and then, ashamed, she turned away from him.

  He seemed grieved and hurt at her words; it was with a sigh that he said:   'My life shall be spent in giving you joy.'  She turned round on him with flushed cheek and trembling lips:

  'Yes, but I had rather it were spent in getting joy from me.' "

So the adventures go, each one building on the next; each time a man comes close to Princess Osra,  he falls back, dead, deranged or spurned.  Will Princess Osra never find love and marry?  You will have to read the book to find out.

The writing, the stories and the interaction between characters make this a book I highly recommend.

Daniel Wisehart is a computer software developer



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