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"An American author is now creating an epic literary work that dramatizes
the unprecedented intellectual and political origins of the United States and celebrates
the national character of the American people.  Ed Cline's romantic epic of the American Revolution continues its grand style, dramatic plotting, and intellectual suspense
." - Jena Trammell, Assoc. Prof, Anderson College


Sparrowhawk Book 1Sparrowhawk One: Jake Frake. Sold Out


Sparrowhawk Book 2

Sparrowhawk Two: Hugh Kenrick.   Sold Out

Sparrowhawk Book 5Sparrowhawk Five: Revolution. Sold Out





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Sparrowhawk Book 3 Sparrowhawk Three: Caxton. $25





Sparrowhawk Book 4Sparrowhawk Four: Empire. $25



Also by Ed Cline

Whisper the Guns by Ed Cline
What does a body found floating in Hong Kong's harbor have to do with the world tungsten market? American entrepreneur Merritt Fury learns the answer when he discovers that his business partnership is in fact a criminal conspiracy, the woman he loves is a deadly operative, and he himself is the conspirator's unwitting agent. 200 pages. Hardcover.
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