"He was neither grave, nor handsome, nor pompous - but simply a divinity."

-A contemporary admirer of Victor Hugo

"It is all the more unfortunate that Hugo's last novels...are practically unobtainable in English. The two finest prose works of English literature in French - Les Travailleurs de La Mer and L'Homme Qui Rit - have effectively disappeared ...relegated to unrefreshed libraries and secondhand bookshops." Graham Robb, Victor Hugo: A Biography


Ninety-ThreeNinety-Three. Pictorial hardcover. 332pps. The preferred and hard-to-find Lowell Bair translation - first issued by Bantam as a new translation in 1962 - and with an Introduction by Ayn Rand.

List Price: $39.95       Web Price: $35.00

A great Victor Hugo quote from Ninety-Three

The Man Who Laughs. Pictorial hardcover. 580pps with a new Introduction and Afterword by Shoshana Milgram. We are pleased to bring this hard-to-find title back in print once again using the much preferred Joseph Blamire translation which was the basis for the NBI Press and Atlantean Press editions. Ayn Rand considered this Hugo's best novel.

List Price: $44.95       Web Price: $40.00

Toilers of the Sea. Pictorial hardcover. 360pps We are pleased to bring back the Atlantean Press edition of this title, with the preferred Isabel Hapgood translation, in a new hardcover printing, retaining the Introduction and Afterword by Shoshana Milgram. 

List Price: $39.95       Introductory Price: $35.00

All Three Books.
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