The Intellectual Activist
Written from the framework of Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism, this stimulating magazine is a "must" read for anyone interested in current Objectivist thought and activities.
Objectivism Study Group (OSG) As described by Robert Stubblefield, founder and owner, "OSG is an e-mail list for Objectivists and potential Objectivists, i.e. for people who hold reason as a cardinal value." For anyone who imagines that all Objectivists think alike, a week or two on OSG should quickly dissuade them of that notion.
The Ayn Rand Institute Managed by an extremely competent and creative staff, this is the leading organization in the world fully promoting Ayn Rand's philosophy as she wrote it and understood it.
Linda Mann Art Gallery Linda Mann admires paintings which are realistic, but selective; that show a world of vivid, clearly rendered, solid objects. "In my paintings, I try to make the act of seeing exciting."
Betsy Speicher's CyberNet An interesting Internet communications link for Objectivists. It features reviews of movies on cable TV, lectures, conferences, as well as activist opportunities and noteworthy mailing lists, websites, and other Internet facilities dedicated to Objectivism or of interest to Objectivists.
Ayn Rand on CDROM The entire corpus of Ayn Rand's writing - with minor exceptions - on searchable CD. Highly recommended for serious students of Objectivism.

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