Impact - The Newsletter of The Ayn Rand Institute


(Reprinted with permission of The Ayn Rand Institute. January 1996, Volume 3, Number 1 issue of "Impact - the Newsletter of The Ayn Rand Institute". Copyright 1996.)

Novelist Frank Spearman. A number of novels by turn-of-the-century author Frank Spearman were found among Ayn Rand's effects, along with a 1940 letter Ayn Rand wrote to her publisher in an attempt to locate copies of his novels. Some of his nineteen titles: The Daughter of a Magnate (found in the archives), Whispering Smith (made into a successful movie starring Alan Ladd in 1947) and Held for Orders (which Ayn Rand wanted "very much to get"). Spearman's novels are written in the spirit of Calumet K (Ayn Rand's favorite novel) and would be foreign to today's literary establishment: their heroes are railroad men, who are glorified for their competence and integrity. The novels are benevolently and distinctly American - in its original meaning, which is virtually lost today.


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