Readers' Comments

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Readers' Comments

"Spearman's stories are crisp, focused, and inspiring."

Shoshana Milgram

"It is wonderfully refreshing to read about a time when men took responsibility for their own lives and for getting the job done without whining or demands for government handouts. I've given four of the Spearmen books as gifts and the recipients were delighted to get them."

Ed Locke

I ordered all four of the Frank Spearman books from The Paper Tiger. I brought the first one, The Nerve of Foley, with me on a recent long plane flight. I expected to read a few stories here and there and maybe have it finished before I got home. I started the book about halfway through the flight. Much to my dismay, I finished it before we landed. I kept saying, just one more story, and kept starting the next. I just couldn't put it down.

The response I look for most from a book for pleasure reading is the desire to not put it down - to want to continue reading it until it is done. The Nerve of Foley is now one of my favorites.

I can't wait to read the other books!

King Wiemann (OSG)

"The Frank Spearman books have made for splendid reading when I need a break from my college course work. I've read The Nerve of Foley and Daughter of a Magnate and I'm now working through Held for Orders. These books are very affordable and what beautiful editions!"

Sarah Gelberg

"Frank Spearman is the first good fiction I've read in a long while. The short stories in Held for Orders have a lightness and understatement of style that reminded me of O'Henry. It challenges the reader to remain alertly focused. The plots are interesting, as are the characters one meets. All the stories are based around the same railroad division. So, there is a continuity of characters that allows Spearman to build on details from previous short stories. All in all, great fun!"

Darius Cooper (OSG)

"These books have been immensely enjoyable. As a matter of fact, I quickly breezed through the first three books and now have one, Whispering Smith, left. I am purposely holding it in reserve for a time when I need some extra 'fuel'.

Kenneth Landon (OSG)


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